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Lidar News Today - Vol 4 No. 20


The near shore is one of the most challenging environments for both boundary and control surveyors. Joe Betit is one of the most experienced surveying professionals having worked on some of the largest construction projects in the world. As he explains initiatives are underway in a number of countries to unify the datums in the near shore zones.

On a related note I have started a new LinkedIn Group named “Surveying Engineering Professionals." This group is to be a meeting place for the exchange of ideas concerning professional surveyors who are focused on civil engineering projects that require a deep understanding of control, measurement, datums, instruments, monumentation, GNSS, layout and coordinate systems. If this is of interest, please join or pass the word along. There seems to be high interest so far.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in Lidar News as we continue to build this important user community. Please forward this to a colleague and let us know if you have an idea for an interesting story. It’s free advertising!

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Advances in Seamless DTM Integration for Nearshore Surveys (http://blog.lidarnews.com/advances-in-seamless-dtm-integration-for-nearshore-surveys/)
I am honored to have Joe provide this article on the challenges of integrating datums for nearshore surveys...More at In The Scan (http://blog.lidarnews.com/advances-in-seamless-dtm-integration-for-nearshore-surveys/)


Surveying Engineering Professionals Group (http://blog.lidarnews.com/surveying-engineering-professionals-group/)
I would like to invite everyone interested in this topic to join the LinkedIn group “Surveying Engineering Professionals” to contribute your thoughts...
Read More at In The Scan (http://blog.lidarnews.com/surveying-engineering-professionals-group/)


UAS in Transportation Expo (http://blog.lidarnews.com/uas-in-transportation-expo/)
This workshop will explore these topics, providing guidance and best practices, as well as hands-on training and opportunities...
More at In The Scan (http://blog.lidarnews.com/uas-in-transportation-expo/)


Competing to Reimagine the Eiffel Tower Grand Site (http://lidarnews.com/press-releases/competing-to-reimagine-the-eiffel-tower-grand-site/)
The renovation of the Eiffel Tower area..will be finalized just in time...Read More at Lidar News (http://lidarnews.com/press-releases/competing-to-reimagine-the-eiffel-tower-grand-site/)



Principles of Remote Sensing & Mapping Using Drones

Scariest Hiking Trails In The World

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