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In this issue - Plug In America's Top Five 2018 Electric Car Predictions
- China's EV Market is a Huge Opportunity for American Automakers
- The Future of the Truck
- We're Hiring! Join the Plug In America Team

Plug In America's Top Five 2018 Electric Car Predictions

Our team makes some bold predictions for 2018. Weigh in with your own. Look into the crystal ball [ https://pluginamerica.org/plug-in-americas-top-five-2018-electric-car-predictions/ ].

China's EV Market is a Huge Opportunity for American Automakers

U.S. carmakers will need to increase, re-allocate, and shift resources toward electric vehicles – or they may not survive. Read more from guest blogger, Yair Crane [ https://pluginamerica.org/chinas-ev-market-is-a-huge-opportunity-for-american-automakers ].

The Future of the Truck

What Tesla is bringing to the market is effectively a turning point for the trucking industry. Read more on electric trucks [ https://pluginamerica.org/the-future-of-the-truck/ ].

We're hiring!

Join our growing team [ https://pluginamerica.org/about-us/employment/ ], and help us get EVeryone to #DriveElectric.
Tell Us Your EV Story

Almost everyone who's owned an EV tells us they will never go back to clunky old-fashioned internal combustion engine cars. Check out what other PIA supporters think. And then tell us. What's your EV story [ https://pluginamerica.org/why-go-plug-in/real-life-ev-stories/ ]?

Smart policies = More EVs

Interested in taking the next steps to promote EV adoption in your neighborhood? Check out thetoolkit [ https://pluginamerica.org/policy/achieve-policy-toolkit/ ] we created with our friends at Sierra Club and learn how to work with policy makers.

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